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M85 Milan - Official drawings


The M85 Milan

The M85 Milan is the evolution of the M85 originally designed by André Morin, of Colombes, France.


The design requirements for the M-85 were minimum weight, large room and maximum visibility, to be easy to fly and have high STOL capabilities. It was designed for homebuilders with large safety factors. The wings can be of wood or aluminum structure, both fabric covered. The wings have a high lift type airfoil and slotted flaps. The wood wings have optional fixed leading edge slots. Both wings can be folded.

The M-85 is flying since 2002. It is originally designed to European ultralights standards with an gross weight of 450kg and a power between 80 and 100 HP. As of 2020, the M-85 Milan is designed for a gross weight of 540kg (1200lb.) with wood wing or 650kg (1430lb) with aluminum wing.


The plans are available in various formats:

 - Large format: scale 1:1 and 1:5 for overall assembly drawings. Each set contains the drawings of the fuselage and one type of wing (wood or aluminum) and a building licence for one aircraft.

 - Booklet in size A3 (11”x17”). The booklet contains all of the 122 drawings: fuselage, wood wing and aluminum wing. It is an information tool that allow study of the plans and easy scrolling between them. Due to its large size reduction, the booklet does not include a building licence.

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