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The Springbok 2

The Springbok 2 is the latest model of a series of successful French designs. It began in the early 80's with the famous Allegro and Maestro and has evolved to the modern and mature Springbok.

To this day, about 800 aircrafts were manufactured.

ob_cf9a20_spring-bok2 (2).JPG

Main features:

  • Responsive, easy and fun handling

  • STOL performance. Safe behavior with spin resistant and gentle stall characteristics

  • Rugged construction and high quality of design and fabrication. Push-pull control tubes, ball bearing mounted linkages, oleo pneumatic suspension, hydraulic brakes

  • Full composite body cover, Diatex aircraft fabric covered wings and control surfaces

  • Approved for serial construction by European authorities with Rotax 582 and Rotax 912, 80hp or 100hp




7 rue Maurice Bousquet

34620 Puisserguier - France

Jean-Charles Duccini:

Tel: +33 6 61 56 58 48

Thank you !

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